Good News 14-12-11

Thanks to everyone who came to see us play in November,

it was good to so many familiar faces and to catch up.

Seeing as how this is the season for giving we spliced

together a Music Video for our song ’End Of The World’.



Furthermore, it is official we are dusting off our set list and

venturing out once more this year and what a line-up!

Also it is all free: THANKS IVO!


17/12/12 – Blagrave Arms Reading


10.30pm - Smokey Bastard

09.30pm - the Grizzley Ends

08.45pm - Drones

08.00pm - Peng

07.15pm - Gimble

06.30pm - Muck Fe

05.45pm - Will Tun and a few Wasters

05.00pm - Def City Collect

04.30pm - It's A Riot

04.00pm - Mark Allan Barnes


Facebook Event


Good News 15-10-11

Sorry to the people of Leeds for cancelling the show,
maybe we'll be invited back again one-day to play.
Thanks to Toby for being uber-patient.
November will see our second Gig of 2011, muffled cheer. Details below:

04/11/11 - Blagrave Arms, Reading with: Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons, Burning Idols, Fathom Down + 1 more. Thanks to Jim for putting us on.

Web prowlers will be aware of a couple of sites whereby our records can be downloaded illegally for free. Don't bother, instead stream them from Soundcloud, Spotify and download from Bandcamp. Better quality less chance of viruses.

Other News: Rich, Bass player, animal lover and all-round legend has always hankered after playing the drums. Dream come true; he now plays drums in Leeds punk-types GET HUMAN check them out. They also boast in their ranks: Toby of HEROIC DOSES & SERF COMBAT fame.

Know your limits. Milford/Reading/High Wycombe over-achievers The Shitty Limits will be playing there last show on 22/10/11. There are few other bands that have actively participated and galvanised a scene as well as this band and they will be missed, this will also be a dual celebration: Ten Years of GYC Shows. Last Call for Dancers

Stay Broken Up

2011 Update Update 04/07/2011

Thanks to everyone who came to see us in Guildford, it was fun!
Just so you know the whole thing was recorded via a digital audio device,
check out this link to our SOUNDCLOUD:
LiveAtTheBoileroomGuildford110411 by THE GRIZZLEY ENDS


Also Neil of the very lovely ISSUE ZINE recorded the whole thing on video, sorry I mean HD.
Checkout the link below. Also if you ever bump into Neil buy a zine.

Futhermore we are playing in Leeds provided nothing goes wrong. details below:

20/08/11 - Santiagos LEEDS, with GET HUMAN (Toby exSerf Combat & Rich ((still)) Grizzley), SEA WOLVES & OFFSHORE RADIO.

Finally our record can be purchase locally (to us) from RECORD CORNER Godalming. Tell them we sent ya.


Good News!

We are playing our first show this year details below:

11/05/11 - Guildford, The Boileroom with The Computers.

Other news: we have officially sold all of the “Unfortunate Demise” 7”s,
if you were lucky enough to get a hold of a copy well-done!
We also have literally a handful of CD versions left too,
they can be purchased through this site (please email)
or through one of our many Distributors (details to follow).
Also the “unfortunate demise” can now be purchased in digital format through ITUNES, Amazon & EMUSIC. Phew!

More updates to follow

2010 Recap


2010 was pretty quiet for us, it went a bit like this: -

11/02/10 Staines, Town Hall with BIG TRUCK, DARKO & ABEL READY.
12/02/10 Camden, Dublin Castle with DAKOTA & COMMON EARTH.
06/08/10 Manchester, Fuel with WE GROW BEARDS & SOLO ACOUSTIC BLOKES.
07/08/10 Dorking, Lincoln Arms with WE GROW BEARDS & DIGIT DEALER.

Before, in-between and after all this :
A baby was born, two couples got engaged,
one new job was started,
a record label was moth-balled and someone went to ETHIOPIA.
Also our record “The Unfortunate Demise of . . . The Grizzley Ends”,
continued to get raving (!) reviews.
If anyone could send us a scan of the MAXIMUM ROCK 'N' ROLL review we'd be greatly obliged.

Bands we are still spinning: -

Bangers, Porches, The Cut-Ups, Pudge, The Arteries,
Sauna Youth, Shitty Limits, Love Triangle,
Black Time, Ty Segall, Chillerton, YMATAB,
Griswalds, Serf Combat, Crocodile God, Yesterdays Heroes,
Leatherface, Pavement, Carter USM, Shellac, Black Flag,
The Mummies and Rooftops to name but a few.
Still keeping keeping the fingers crossed for a new You Me and The Atom Bomb record.

News 16-07-09

hope everyone is having a nice day.
our latest pop record is now out and available from squinty joe records on 7" vinyl, and cd.
we've played at some top gigs this year. thanks to everyone involved in any way.
it's always amazing to play in new places, and meet lots of lovely people.
the square ones disappeared super quick. everyone loves a square record it seems.
we've got a few gigs over the summer. buckets and spades at the ready.
other than that we will be busy getting married, going on holiday, and feeding the cat.
hope to see you soon. x

Upcoming Gigs

18/07/09 - Brixton, The Windmill
19/07/09 - Brighton, Hobgoblin
16/08/09 - Camden, Purple Turtle
21/08/09 - Bognor, White Horse

more information on the gigs page

News 24-02-09

we should have a new record arriving some time soon...
currently they are somewhere between new zealand, and kelly's house in woking. there'll be 6 tracks on 7" (and a few square 8" records).
there may some kind of cd release as well.. any news and records/cds will be available from squinty joe records. ace.
2009 has been lovely so far, good times had, making new friends, and seeing some old faces. thanks to everyone who asks us to play, comes to see us, says hello, makes us food, etc.. x


we've finished with the recent bout of recording, and hopefully the songs will be seeing the light of day soon in one form or another.. hopefully some of the the songs will be available on (square?) vinyl through squinty joe records
massive thanks to all those lovely people who have helped us out recently, letting us play etc.. it is very much appreciated.
a few gigs in the run up to christmas, a trip to the seaside, and a free gig in a bowling alley.. magic!

News 26-08-08

we've been recording some new stuff..
it's getting there and sounds alright. nice one!
punkout was fun, thanks to anyone who came along played, etc..
we played in bognor the other week, it was lovely.
the seaside is ace.

News 06-05-08


hope you are all well and good.
we haven't done very much so far this year, but there have been some good gigs, and good times had.. thanks to the lovely people in dorking, ilfracombe, basingstoke and new cross, top stuff.
we may record some more songs at some point this year.. we currently have about 3 microphones of varying quality, and a couple of cassette decks... something will come together.
also, not long until this year's punkout:

it's a 2 day affair this year (11th/12th of July).. come along, it's free.

have a splendid day.. cheerio!

News 03-01-08


2007 was quite good, 2008 will hopefully also be quite good..
we will be trying to get some new songs together, do some recording, play some gigs, meet people and all that lovely stuff.
we're going to devon next week... amazing.

News 07-08-07

lots more gigs coming up.. thanks to everyone involved with putting them on..
come and see us play.. it will be fun.
the split CD with Capguns 'n' Coke is still available.. get it here :
Squinty Joe Records or interpunk ...thank you!
punkout in windsor was ace good, so cheers to all the bands that played and everyone who came along. we love you all. ta!

don't forget to listen to the griswalds

News 04-07-07

the split CD with Capguns 'n' Coke has been available for a while now, and still sounds lovely, so if you don't have a copy please visit Squinty Joe Records or interpunk to get hold of a copy.. ta!
Punkout 2 is coming up very soon, and if it is half as much funch as last year, it will still be three quarters more fun than most things.. look at a flyer here:

Description: Punkout 2!

so make sure you come down to the copper horse in windsor on july the 28th... yes.
thank you!

News 15-03-07

New CD out now!

Description: Capguns 'n' Coke vs The Grizzley Ends

6 tracks by Capguns 'n' Coke, 6 tracks by us... available from gigs for £4, or by pay-pal from (£4 UK, £5 rest of the world).
Thanks to everyone involved with getting the CD done...
More shows coming up, all over the place, hope to see you there...

News 07/12/06

We have been quite busy recently, had loads of fun in Bournemouth, and Endfest was ace. Nearly finished mixing the tracks for the split with Capguns 'n' Coke...
Hopefully, it should be all ready to go soon..
Lots more gigs in the pipeline, all over the place, hopefully we will see you there..


News 27/10/06

Recording this weekend.. ace.

News 13/09/06

A few gigs in the pipeline for the next few months, as well as trying to learn a load of new songs, some of which will hopefully be recorded and see light of day this side of Christmas. We are playing at The Rising Sun in Reading this Saturday, with those nice folks from Peng, should be good fun.. so if you can make it, all welcome... its free entry, top.


News 30/08/06


We're playing in London on Saturday, here:

Doors are open from about 8, lots of other bands, including the top Punchpuppet. These folks are organising the gig:

If you can make it down, it would be great to see you.Cheers!

News 09/08/06

Punkout! was loads of fun, thanks to everyone who came down, played, danced, and made it a great day.
We have some fantastic times playing all over the place recently, met lots of ace new people (checkout Attack! and The Leftovers to name but two awesome bands we have played with recently...)
There are a couple more gigs in the pipeline, and something very special could well be happening on the 3rd and 4th of November in Guildford, so keep the dates free...
We are planning to take a little bit of time to get some new songs together, and hopefully we will have a split coming out with those nice chaps from Capguns 'n' Coke in the not too distant future...

Thanks again to everyone who has made the last few weeks so much fun...


News 20/06/06

Just added a few more gigs.. thanks to the awesome people who asked us to play (Matt, Ellis, Sophie etc...)
If you are able to make it down to any of them, we look forward to seeing you there!

Also, don't forget about punkout on the 29th July in Windsor:


News 08/06/06

We've been having a top time over the last month or so.. We have played some fantastic gigs with some great bands, started work on a bunch of new songs, and had a great time playing in a punk rock 5 a side footy tournament.. We didn't win, but we did quite well... Huge thanks to everyone who has come to see us, put us on, played footy with us, said hello etc...

We've got some more top gigs coming up over the next couple of months, playing with some really good bands, so, if you are able to make it to any of them, it is always good to see you!

Lastly, we have got the final line up and details confirmed for our free all day event in Windsor - Punkout!.. information can be found here:

Its going to be a great day! Thanks!

News 14/05/06

On the 19th of May we'll be playing at the Youth Centre (Leopale Lane) in Guildford, thanks to Matt, Ellis & What We Do Is Secret Records. We''l be playing with the mighty Fighting Shit (Free 7" on entry), The Steal, Raise The White Flag, Ray Reardon Youth and Worker And Parasite... Its going to be a good night.

Description: Grizzley Photos

We are also in the process of putting together a free all day gig in Windsor on the 29th of July.... Final line up is still TBC, but it should be a top day, we will keep you informed...

We have new shiny badges available, as well as some more T-shirts in splendid new colours, and we still have some copies of our EP left, which are available at gigs, or by emailing us for details..
So if you are able to make to any of these shows, its always good to see you!

News 24/03/06


There is a great show in Guildford tomorrow at the Star.. its a matinee gig, starting at 2PM.
The line up is fantastic:

Black Cougar Shock Unit, The Grabass Charlestons, The Steal, Heroic Doses, The Grizzley Ends. has all the details...
If you can make it, come down!

We are also playing in Hounslow tomorrow, in the evening, should also be a great show, line up:
The Stats, Jap's Eye Blind & The Grizzley Ends
Its at the Rifleman...again, if you can make it...

News 15/03/06


Description: the grizzley ends - attack!


We have finished printing the initial run of The Grizzley Ends Attack! EP... Each one has a carefully handstamped cover and contains 9 tracks...
We will be selling them at our shows, or if you would like to mail order a copy, just send us an email ( and we'll let you have all the details...
We've got a stack of gigs coming up, so if you can make it to any of them, it would be lovely to see you!


News 27/02/06

We popped back to Valley Studios in Winchester this weekend, and finished mixing our ep...
we're very pleased with how it sounds, thanks to Ben for all his help...
We're hoping to sort out some covers and stuff pretty soon, and hope to have them available within the next few weeks...
You can check out a few tracks either on the music page, our at our myspace page: .
We're also trying to sort out lots of gigs for late March/early April, and will keep you posted with info as we have it....
thank you!

News 21/02/06

Hello! we now have a myspace page up at .
We're still getting to grips with how the whole thing works, but come along and say hello!

News 18/02/06

After playing a blistering 5 minute set in Alton on Wednesday, we went down to Valley Studios in Winchester for 2 days and managed to record 9 tracks, with the help of Ben, resident engineer, and all round nice chap...
Hopefully, we'll soon be sorting out making some covers, and getting the discs copied etc...
For now, there's a few mp3s up on the music page to have a listen to... We hope you like it!